Strategic Management

On the methodological basis of Foresight and Balanced Scorecard, COTECMAR has updated its Strategic Management. Over the course of its first 18 years of operation, the corporation has revised its strategic planning process on four occasions by taking the following priority variables into account: the needs and expectations of the corporation’s partner and closest ally, that is, the Navy, as well as government policies and market conditions. Today’s scenarios are designed along three timeline horizons: short, medium and long term, thus describing a future in which COTECMAR shall be consolidated in the region as an innovative leader of the Naval, Maritime and Riverine Industry.

Strategic scenarios COTECMAR 2019 - 2034

Strategic Management

2019 - 2022


“Sailing on the course”

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2023 - 2026


“Heading to the Blue Ocean”

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2027- 2034


“Blue Ocean”

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After validation of the Corporation’s Great Corporate Purposes - Values, Mission, Vision and the construction of its Strategic Map; COTECMAR seeks to create and strengthen its competitive advantages in order to ensure sustainable development around a shared vision and, in this way, throughout the current “Sailing on the course” strategic scenario, achieve its BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), which consists in the development of 5 important projects.